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About the
Kentucky Woodland Owners Association (KWOA)

Founded in 1994, we are a non-profit membership organization controlled exclusively by independent Kentucky woodland owners.

More than half of Kentucky is forested and 78% of that forest land is owned by 467,000 non-industrial private woodland owners.

KWOA Goals
KWOA’s primary goal is to help Kentucky forest landowners attain the best long-range dollar return from their forestry operation, while at the same time maintaining a healthy, beautiful forest.

KWOA Mission:
· promote economically and environmentally sound forest management
· advance the skills of Kentucky woodland owners
· provide communications and networking among woodland owners
· serve as an advocate for Kentucky woodland owners in legislative activities and
· informs the public about the importance of woodland management and what it contributes to Kentucky.

KWOA’s program emphasis is on forest health, economy and outreach

KWOA works in five policy areas to accomplish its goals:
· forest health, diversity and quality
· research and education
· markets
· incentives
· communication and consensus.

JOIN KWOA TODAY. If you are interested in getting involved, or learning more, please join us, or come to our annual meeting and workshops.

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