KWOF accepting applications for UK forestry student SCHOLARSHIP AWARD


The Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation is again sponsoring a scholarship award in the amount of $1000 to eligible students in the University of Kentucky forestry program.

Applications for the scholarship are due no later than October 9, 2017.

See the KWOF Scholarship Application BELOW  for further information and instructions on how to apply.


KWOF Scholarship Application – Fall 2017

Provided by the Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation

 Make available (electronic or paper) the Student Information, Personal Reflection Statement and Letter(s) of Recommendation to:

 Doug McLaren, Vice President of KWOA/KWOF

330 Cave Run Circle

Versailles, KY 40383


Fall 2017 Annual Reflection Statement for the KWOF Scholarship Award 

It is almost over!

Just like the old saying, “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Your college training in the field of forestry is almost complete. Just a few more semesters.

It is always important to keep a strong view on the future but many times the future has been based and grounded on some event of the past.

Looking back over the classes that you have taken to prepare you for your college degree in forestry, what one course can you point to that you feel solidified the idea that a career in forestry was going to be a good match for you.


Deadline – this application deadline is October 9th, 2017

Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation Scholarship

 PURPOSE: The purpose of the Kentucky Woodlands Owners Foundation Scholarship is to provide annually an award to an outstanding student enrolled in the University of Kentucky’s professional forestry degree program. Awards will be granted on the basis of leadership potential, connection with the forestry community, and insight for the forestry profession.


ELIGIBILITY: Applicants for the Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation Scholarship must be a full-time University of Kentucky undergraduate student in the professional program of forestry and have a minimum ranking of senior at the time of the October 9th deadline date but has not graduated. The award can only be awarded to any one person once.


SCHOLARSHIP: The Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation Scholarship is in the amount of $1000. These monies will be paid directly to the University of Kentucky for tuition fees. The award announcement will be no later than December 8th, 2017.


AWARD SELECTION: Scholarship recipients will be selected on a competitive basis by using a combination of criteria which include but not limited to: leadership potential, extracurricular activities, community service, and written submission as required for the award. This is not an academic scholarship.


APPLICATIONS:  Application should be returned to the Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation’s Vice President, Doug McLaren, 330 Cave Run Circle, Versailles, KY 40383 either by land mail or an electronic version.


If you have any questions, call, 859.881.8583 or email


KEY DATES: Completed and submitted application date will be no later than October 9th, 2017. Scholarship awards will be announced by December 8th, 2017 for tuition payment. It is requested but not mandated that the recipient of the award attend the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association annual meeting (normally during the spring season) to be recognized for the award. Costs for attending will be defrayed.


APPLICATION SUMMARY: The following information and documents must be submitted to be accepted as a complete application packet by the student. If any of the information is missing on the deadline date of         October 9th, 2017 the applicant will not be eligible for the award.


First Section (limited to one page)Student information: Complete name, address, telephone number, and email address. Please make notation of your high school. On this page will also be where you may make any statements concerning your academic performance and contributions either in school leading to your entrance into the forestry program at the University of Kentucky or contributions you have made while at the forestry program. Please feel free to list any influences that were made to your making the decision to major in forestry.  This page provides you the opportunity to discuss your interest and desire to be involved in forestry.


Second SectionRecommendation(s): Requested that you have a least one formal letter of recommendation from a member of the Forestry and Natural Resources Department at the University of Kentucky (teaching, research, or Cooperative Extension).

Concluding SectionPersonal Reflection Statement:  You will be asked to provide your personal reflections on an “Annual Reflection Statement” (2017 – “It is almost over!”) It will change annually. Your remarks to this statement will be confined to 500 words. Go to and click on top banner NEWS and EVENTS and then mid screen Forest Updates