Your Woodlands at Work is focus for 2018 Annual Meeting


Mark your calendar to attend our annual meeting March 20-21 at General Butler State Park in Carrollton, Kentucky. General Butler State Park overlooks the Ohio River approximately 1 1/2 hours from Lexington and less than an hour from Louisville.

Kentucky Tourism

General Butler State Park is Northern Kentucky’s first state park and one of the first 10 in the commonwealth. On August 12, 1931, a 300-acre tract comprising part of the old William O. Butler family farm became Kentucky’s sixth state park. Not only is the park a historic site, it is also a place of great natural beauty. This is the only spot in Kentucky that has the unique view of the convergence of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers.

The theme for this year’s meeting is Your Woodlands at Work. The entire event will begin with two tours of how oak barrels are being used in the distillery and wine industry. Both of the products are being made locally in Kentucky.

The event begins on Tuesday morning in Frankfort, Kentucky at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

For over 200 years, Buffalo Trace has been defined by a dedication to one craft; making fine bourbon whiskey.

After a tour of this facility we will move on north to the Elk Creek Winery

to better understand how white oak and the wine industry are connected. Lunch will be provided while at the winery.

After visiting Elk Creek you can proceed to General Butler State Park to continue with the annual meeting events including a buffet meal and several topics of interest to woodland owners. The following morning, March 21, the educational program continues.

To register for the annual meeting go to Annual Meeting page.

Room reservations at General Butler State Park can be made by calling General Butler State Park at 502-732-4384. Mention that you are attending the KWOA Woodlands Owners Conference. The conference room rate is $81 per night. Rooms will be held until March 6th for KWOA registrants.

2018 KWOA and KWOF Annual Meeting

Kentucky Woodland Owners Association and Foundation

Your Woodlands at Work

Tuesday, March 20 – Wednesday, March 21

General Butler State Park

Carrollton, Kentucky


Tuesday, March 20

10 AM Tour Buffalo Trace Distillery (

The first stop will begin at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky. From either Louisville or Lexington take I-64 and get off at Exit 58 and turn north onto US 60 west towards downtown Frankfort. Go straight for 5 miles and do not make any turns. This road will become 421 north and US 127 south and Wilkinson Blvd. After you drop off the hill the entrance to Buffalo Trace Distillery will be on your right. Look for the green plank fence and turn right  through the big stone gates.

We will be setting out signs as you get close to the turn into Buffalo Trace Distillery. Signs also will be placed to direct you to the correct parking lot for the tour.

A tour will be made of Buffalo Trace explaining the history and production of Buffalo Trace’s products. There will be an opportunity to sample and purchase products.

11:45 AM Depart Buffalo Trace Distillery and proceed to Elk Creek Winery                (

When leaving Buffalo Trace Distillery, turn left. Travel only a mile or so and exit to your right to state route 2261 and 127. At the stop sign turn left (north) on 127. It is suggested that you not use “street pilots” to next location. Best route would be to go to Owenton where 127 intersects with route 227. Turn right on 227. In less than 5 miles turn left on 1883 and 330. Again, signs will be set out for you.

12:30 PM Lunch on site at Elk Creek Winery

Upon arriving at Elk Creek Winery lunch will be provided. Following the lunch there will be a tour of the facility explaining the production of their wines.

3:00 PM Depart from Elk Creek Winery proceeding to General Butler State Park. Proceed back to 227 from the winery and turn right. In Owenton follow 127 north until you come to route 35. Turn  left on 35 and proceed to the interstate 71 and proceed west to General Butler/Carrollton exit. Turn right and proceed north to the General Butler State Park entrance on your left (approximately   three miles from the interstate.) The park lodge is at the top of the hill. The trip from Elk Creek Winery to General Butler State Park is approximately 45 minutes.

6:00 PM KWOA and KWOF Annual Awards Banquet (located in the General Butler Conference Center – a short walk from the lodge)

Following the banquet:

University of Kentucky Forestry and Natural Resource Student Presentation

University of Kentucky Forestry and Natural Resource Student Scholarship KWOF Award Presentation

Kentucky Division of Forestry Service Foresters Award Presentation

Kentucky and National Tree Farm Report

Society of American Foresters Baggenstoss Award

Presentation of Leopold Program

Wednesday, March 21

(Breakfast on your own / please make arrangements for check out)

(Meeting will resume again at the General Butler Conference Center)

8:30 AM Welcome and Announcements

8:45 AM White Oak Supply Report and Ash Issues in Kentucky

White oak and ash are important tree species to many Kentucky woodland owners. In 2017, University of Kentucky Forestry Department conducted a survey at the KWOA annual meeting to better understand woodland owner perceptions of current and future white oak supply issues. Also in 2017, KWOA requested the development of a white paper on the EAB Disaster in Kentucky. This presentation will present results from these research projects.

9:15 AM Kentucky Forest Health Updates

In addition to the emerald ash borer, several other invasive insects and diseases present potential threats to Kentucky forest health.  Neighboring states have Asian longhorned beetle, European gypsy moth, and thousand cankers disease, but what are these and what do they mean for Kentucky?  This session will introduce you to these threats and also discuss the current management strategies to protecting our woodlands.

9:45 AM Deer Management in Kentucky

This talk will cover the basics of assessing the health of your deer herd, how to monitor its population and health status, and the varying management strategies that can be used to meet deer management goals. Focus will be placed on the how-to for initial assessments of your deer herds population, how to collect the data, and how anyone with a computer can track and analyze it to help manage their deer herd. Effectively using trail cameras, habitat improvement ideas including food plots and forest management strategies will be covered.

10:30 AM Break

10:45 AM Cooperators Reports

Kentucky Division of Forestry

University of Kentucky Report

Kentucky Conservation Committee

Kentucky Forestry Industries Association


11:15 AM KWOA and KWOF Annual Business Meeting and Elections

12:00 PM Adjourn