Kentucky Senator Robby Mills connects counties, clean water and forests

“We have to teach the next generation how to work.” Kentucky Senator Robby Mills advised attendees at KWOA’s 2019 annual meeting with the additional comment that government should be about resolving problems and filling gaps.

Senator Mills, who is Vice Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, launched into the meeting’s theme of Clean Water and Forest Management by noting the lack of investment in water and waste water infrastructure. He said Martin County loses 64% of its treated water between the water treatment plant and homes because of leaks.

Mills recognized the role of trees as natural barriers to sediment and water run-off as well as water purifiers. He highlighted the Audubon Wetlands in Henderson County.



It consists of 649 acres that was added to the 724-acre John James Audubon State Park.  Over 400 acres have been reforested there.