State of the Watersheds

Amanda Gumbert, UK Extension, Water Quality, spoke to members about the monitoring system in place for Kentucky’s watersheds.

Amanda Gumbert, UK Extension Water Quality instructor, discusses habitat and riparian issues with participants. Photo by Ward Wilson, Kentucky Water Alliance

Members joined Amanda streamside to observe and draw their concept of a typical riparian habitat.

If it’s on the ground, it’s in our water.

.01% of earth’s water is drinking water.





Kentucky has seven river basins and 90,000 miles of rivers and streams. Gumbert introduced members to the Kentucky Water Health Portal.

Kentucky Water Health Portal

Streams and lakes all have designated uses and are coded in the portal as to which of those uses they support, such as aquatic life, swimming, fishing or drinking.

Gumbert left attendees with three to-do items:

  1. Learn about your watershed/stream.
  2. Develop and implement a Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan [hot link]
  3. Enjoy Kentucky’s water resources.
Participants in streamside habitat and riparian issues proudly display their drawing of a typical meandering stream. Photo by Greg Kuhns