UK Forestry students share enthusiasm and intentions

For Michael Branscum, the best part about being a forestry student is marking timber and the Fire Cats. For Dan Eaton it is the small class size and the friendships among students and with professors.  Sarah Hays’ experience with a forest inventory in Robinson Forest made a believer out of her that switched from an engineering major to forestry. The three students attended sessions and spoke at the KWOA 2019 annual meeting as part of their education the University of Kentucky’s Forestry Extension.

UK Forestry students Sarah Hays, Michael Branscum and Dan Eaton describe life in the forestry curriculum. Photo by Billy Thomas


All three students have a good idea of what they want to do post-grad. Branscum hopes to work in urban forestry or in timber purchase and sales. Eaton wants to pursue an MBA and then work to increase the economic value of forests and incentives to keep property in forests. Hays is working with the Extension team to develop the newly formed Forest Health Center.