Upper Cumberland Watershed Climate and Biodiversity Conference

Cumberland Falls State Park, October 10-11, 2019

Free registration

The Upper Cumberland watershed is an exceptionally biodiverse landscape, including a wide range of habitat types. It is home to a large number of federally and state listed threatened and endangered species, and a very large number of other declining species of concern. The region includes major portions of the Daniel Boone National Forest (U.S. Forest Service), the entirety of Cumberland Gap National Historic Park (managed by the National Park Service), and the entirety of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (managed by the National Park Service). There are species occurring nowhere else on Earth, thirty federally protected species, and many other declining species of concern. Freshwater mussels in particular are highly threatened by climate change.

Conference Focus:

  • Highlight challenges for the public relating to climate change on species in and along the Upper Cumberland Watershed (Land and waters along the tributaries of the Rockcastle River, Laurel River, Big South Fork, Lake Cumberland).
  • Provide new opportunities to exchange knowledge among a broad base of constituents and stakeholders including the public at large.
  • Provide opportunities for public engagement in affected communities and encourage community-based solutions and strengthen relationships among stakeholder groups.

Who Should Attend?

  • Frontline community groups and stakeholders who live in the Upper Cumberland region, who want to participate in a discussion on the environmental, cultural and economic future of this region and how to build a more resilient community in an era of climate change.
  • Citizens and leaders who are involved in the economic sustainability of the Upper Cumberland region with an interest in coordination between economic interests and the resiliency of our natural lands.
  • Local entities who work on sustainability, land and water conservation, biology.
  • Community Nonprofits who work on climate, sustainability, and community resilience issues.
  • Citizens who are interested in climate solutions, and are looking for more information on how wildlands and watersheds in the region may play a role.

Conference Schedule:

We will be meeting on October 10-11. Schedule details are still being finalized. See current schedule details, along with lodging suggestions here.