KWOA welcomes new coordinator partnership with KDOW Basin Coordination and Watershed Watch

The Kentucky Division of Water’s Community Outreach and Involvement Division administers two programs that especially benefit woodland owners: Basin Coordination and Watershed Watch.


Meet Your Basin Coordinator

DOW now has a full team of Basin Coordinators excited about collaborating with KWOA members to protect and improve woodland waterways. The basin team programs – core monitoring, lakes monitoring, citizen action and youth stream team – connect organizations like KWOA with the data and resources needed to identify and address water quality challenges.

Basin Coordinators also communicate needs on the ground to the DOW, supporting the division in directing resources to where they are most needed. Kentucky is divided into 7 major river basins, each of which is staffed by a Basin Coordinator.

To find the Basin Coordinator responsible for your area, go to the Division of Water’s Basin Team web page.


Watershed Watch is a statewide citizens monitoring effort to improve and protect water quality by raising community awareness, and by supporting implementation of the goals of the Clean Water Act and other water quality initiatives. The program is dedicated to helping you protect Kentucky’s streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The program accomplishes its goals through community education, leadership, action and water quality monitoring projects. Basic stream monitoring includes biological and chemical monitoring as well as lake monitoring, video and photographic monitoring.