Timber Crime Forensics Lab

Oregon State University’s College of Forestry is the new home of a forensics lab that fights timber crime, a $1 billion annual problem for the United States’ forest products industry.

Scientists at the center use a specialized type of mass spectrometry for wood species identification to determine if a truckload of logs, a guitar, a dining room table, or other wood products are what they are purported to be.

“The illegal timber trade is a direct attack on sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems in Oregon and other parts of the country, and also abroad,” said Anthony S. Davis, interim dean of the College of Forestry. “Advancing the capacity for science-based approaches to curtailing such behavior aligns directly with OSU and our college’s mission to promote economic and social progress in an ecologically sound manner, and provides an opportunity for us to partner with interested countries in using novel wood identification technologies.”

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