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Donate an item for the annual meeting silent auction

It’s time to find a new home for those holiday gifts that were never given! Donate that item to the KWOA annual meeting silent auction. Donations can be anything with a monetary value. Event tickets, gift baskets, gift cards, books, artwork and crafts are welcome.

Email a description of  your item and a suggested minimum bid to Harry Pelle, board member – Please put Silent Auction in the subject line of your email. Please let Harry know whether you can bring it to the meeting or need it delivered. And thanks!

KWOA annual meeting tests the waters at Pennyrile state forest and park

With clean water and forest management as its theme, the 2019 KWOA annual meeting explored the many ways in which forests impact water quality and quantity. Forestry and water quality professionals conducted presentations and streamside demonstrations on the ways in which the Pennyrile forest contributes to the excellent quality water supply of the park’s lake,

Amanda Gumbert, UK Extension Water Quality instructor, discusses habitat and riparian issues with participants. Photo by Ward Wilson, Kentucky Water Alliance

how citizens can participate in testing for water quality in their watersheds and efforts to strengthen the propagation of tree species such as white oak and American chestnut.

Not all of the expertise was at the podium. Attendees exhibited their depth and range of expertise by contributing concepts, experiences and challenges to consider additional perspectives in the complex relationships among the natural and human environments.

KWOA President Doug McLaren alerted members to the need to cultivate new champions for sustainable forests. We need to share what we’ve learned with our neighbors and communities. Members noted many additional sectors with which woodland interests intersect such as beekeepers, hunters, mushroom growers, maple syrup producers and the wives/widows/daughters of timber property owners.

KWOA has already launched a vigorous initiative to improve its internal coordination and communication while bringing onboard new faces and perspectives. As it enters its 25th year the association has a great opportunity to “pave the way forward” for the next generation of woodlands and the owners who care so much about them.

State of the Watersheds – Amanda Gumbert, UK Extension, Water Quality

 .01% of earth’s water is drinking water.

If it’s on the ground, it’s in our water.

Kentucky has seven river basins and 90,000 miles of rivers and streams.

Gumbert introduced members to the Kentucky Water Health Portal.

Streams and lakes all have designated uses and are coded in the portal as to which of those uses they support, such as aquatic life, swimming, fishing or drinking.

Gumbert left attendees with three to-do items:

  1. Learn about your watershed/stream.
  2. Develop and implement a Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan [hot link]
  3. Enjoy Kentucky’s water resources.

Members joined Amanda streamside to observe and draw their concept of a typical riparian habitat.

Participants in streamside habitat and riparian issues proudly display their drawing of a typical meandering stream. Photo by Greg Kuhns


Kentucky Woodland Owners Association hosted their 25th Annual Meeting at Pennyrile Forest State Park



Contact: Doug McLaren

(859) 881.8583


Kentucky Woodland Owners Gather for Annual Meeting

Kentucky Woodland Owners Association hosted their 25th Annual Meeting at Pennyrile Forest State Park

The Kentucky Woodland Owners Association (KWOA) members, University of Kentucky Department of Forestry and Natural Resources staff and students, industry representatives and other state and local officials gathered for the 2019 KWOA Annual Meeting at Pennyrile Forest State Park on March 26-27.

Clean water and forest management was the theme for this year’s congregation of more than 50 attendees. With a presentation from Jim Bryon, Kentucky Division of Forestry, as well as, hands-on learning with the University of Kentucky Extension Service’s Dr. Amanda Gumbert and Sarah Yount, attendees learned about habitat and riparian issues, streams, and timber harvesting. The conference also heard updates from Dr. Gregory Kuhns, MD about the Water Watch in Kentucky, Rick Caldwell with the American Chestnut Foundation, and Warren Beeler with the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy.

“Members of the KWOA enjoy sharing their passion of their woodlands. Kentucky’s land base is half forested, some of the world’s most valuable hardwoods. Woodland owners have a strong desire to see the land continue in their family as a legacy – where all the generations of family – present and future -benefit from the various values of the resource, water, timber, wildlife, recreation, and so many more. Woodland owners are one of the few communities within natural resources that actually grow a legacy that benefits individuals today as well tomorrow”, said Doug McLaren, president of KWOA.

In addition to educational opportunities, the KWO(F)oundation presented UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources senior, Sarah Hays with their $1000 scholarship at the awards dinner on Tuesday night. This award is given to a UK Forestry and Natural Resource senior annually. The award is granted on the basis of leadership potential, connection with the forest community and insight for the forest profession.

The 2019 Service Forester’s Award was presented to Rick Harrel from the Kentucky Division of Forestry’s Western Region for his dedicated and enthusiastic service to promoting proper forest management to all his woodland land owners. The keynote speaker for the dinner was State Senator Robbie Mills, who addressed the economic opportunity and impact of forested land in Kentucky.

A “nugget” of information that many attendees mentioned at the end of the field day of the water quality and forest management demonstrations was, “…..forest management and water quality are directly related. By following proper management guidelines the water quality downstream is better maintained.”, said Doug McLaren.

For more information on KWOA, please contact Doug McLaren at (859) 881.8583 or or visit their webpage at