Heritage Land Conservation Fund under threat

The Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund, the state’s ONLY source of funding for state land conservation, was again under threat of having funds “swept” into the General Fund, as has happened during the last several budget sessions.

Fortunately, Governor Andy Beshear’s budget proposal, revealed to lawmakers on January 28, removed the crippling “funding sweeps” from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund His budget restores the full funding for the fund. The final State/Executive Branch Budget upheld removal of the sweeps. The budget was approved by the House 80-10 and delivered to the Governor on April 1. Line items that were vetoed were overridden in the House and the Senate on April 15 and the budget was delivered to the Secretary of State.


For more information about this issue see the Kentucky Conservation Committee handout with details about the Heritage Fund.

Contact Legislators:  The Kentucky Conservation Committee has compiled a list of natural lands that benefit from Heritage Land Funds, and paired these with the legislators who represent the districts where these lands reside. If you see a natural area of importance to you, we urge you to CALL or EMAIL the listed legislator  for that area, and let them know that you value natural tourism, and support the funds for these areas.  Let them know if you recreate in these areas or spend tourism dollars in communities related to these areas. And then contact your own legislator and begin letting them know how important all of these lands are to you.