Support the Rural Forests Market Act

This information recently came to KWOA from American Forest Foundation (AFF); we thought you would want to know and may want to contact your senator:

The Rural Forests Markets Act (RFMA), S. 4451, enables family forest owners, like yourself, to participate in carbon markets by allowing the USDA to provide loan or bond guarantees, stimulating private capital, and reducing management costs for you and your community. This bill will bring new capital and forestry jobs to rural communities, while helping you and your neighbors conserve your forests and protect the climate.

Urge your senators to support the RFMA with this pre-written message. (click the link for an easy to send email). If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the importance of this bill, feel free to contact Mackenzie Scurka / the AFF Policy Team at <>

Note: There is some more information on carbon sequestration on the KWOA website here. There are links in the article to more research including “Forest Service debuts state-by-state statistics on carbon.”